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Looking for a licensed and experienced contractor for your commercial, industrial or medical remodel or renovation? Get guaranteed quality results with Bazinet Construction, Inc. We offer professional and reliable commercial contracting services for a wide variety of needs, working with the dedication and craftsmanship that has earned us a reputation for excellence. Get in touch for a free quote today.


Who We Are

Bazinet Construction, Inc. specializes in high quality commercial, industrial, retail and medical or other office improvements.

Are you seeking a reliable contractor to remodel, upgrade, retrofit or renovate your property value? Whether a single or multiple tenant building renovation, you can rely on us to deliver high quality, professional construction services at a competitive price. We work quickly and efficiently, to prevent or minimize any interruptions for your tenants.

Contact us today to learn how we can create a commercial, office, medical or retail space that exceeds your expectations, ensuring your and your clients' satisfaction.


Our Services

Quality Work, Great Rates

Home Construction

Commercial Construction

Bazinet Construction, Inc., specializes in the renovation of Office or other Commercial properties. Whether it be a small retail space or a large warehouse or office complex, we have experience in all types of commercial construction.

We understand that working in occupied spaces, around sensitive medical or industrial facilities, during off hours, or with restricted access are all issues we may have to deal with and we do this very successfully.

Often the installation of new equipment, fixtures, or furniture requires a specific team of specialty contractors and management of that team. We work with suppliers and installers to make your new spaces and procedures work. We will pull all necessary permits, and will meet with architects and City staff to ensure that your office or commercial space meets City building and safety requirements.


Retail Construction and Renovation

Bazinet Construction, Inc., is a leader in retail construction services. The owner and general manager, Ric R. Bazinet, is a licensed General Contractor with over 27 years of experience in commercial construction. Bazinet Construction, Inc., values its reputation and is proud to be known for bringing in both large and small projects on time and within budget. 

The renovation of open, occupied stores can present some difficult challenges in the business world. A retail store owner depends on customer foot traffic for business success. The process of renovating an open store can mean significant sales losses during the process. Customers demand a safe shopping environment as well as convenience and easily accessible products while they browse. We address this.

Bazinet Construction, Inc., works to keep the store as shoppable as possible during a remodel. In addition, keeping the customer base intact during a remodel provides a firm foundation for the planned increase in sales upon completion of the project. We work very hard to assist the owner or tenant avoid any inconvenience to customers.

Doctor's Desk

Medical Construction

Bazinet Construction, Inc., offers a variety of construction services to our clients including pre-construction, construction management and general contracting. Whether your project is a simple equipment replacement or a more complex healthcare or imaging facility, we can offer you a variety of solutions and delivery methods.

Bazinet Construction, Inc., has extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the healthcare construction market and has built a reputation for providing outstanding quality and service. We value direct lines of communication to ensure that issues are resolved immediately.

Parking Lot

Professional Industrial Construction

Bazinet Construction, Inc., specializes in high quality upgrades and improvements to industrial properties. Our services include industrial general contracting

and industrial plant maintenance and renovation:

  • Industrial shelving: Installation and reconfiguration.

  • Installation and maintenance of light fixtures and electrical ballasts.

  • Installation of computer, data and phone lines.

  • Counter design and installation.

  • Repairs or retrofits for OSHA code requirements.

  • Parking lot/asphalt construction and repair, including striping, tire stops and bollards.

  • Fencing: Installation and repair of regular or security gates and fencing.

  • Security cameras and lighting.


Our in-house team has many years of experience in industrial property upgrades. Our contractors consistently achieve high quality building, effective communication, in-house control, and immediate response to changes and revisions.



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